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David Penk
Sussex Kobudo founder
Certificated NANA Instructor
4th Dan Karate Do
2nd Dan NANA
1st Dan AKA
David has been training since 2003 in karate and has a great passion for all Kobudo weapons. Started training in nunchaku 2005 and gained 1st Dan in NANA. When AKA was formed in 2009 he took up practising in Bo, Jo, Hanbo and Tekko.
Other weapons he trains in are Sai, Tonfa and Kama.
Joanne Penk
3rd Dan Karate
She has been training since 2003
and enjoys teaching the younger students.
Chris Pellitteri
Senior Instructor
7th Dan Karate
6th Dan Nunchaku
United States Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame Inductee
USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee
Ph.D./Ma.D.Sc, Doctorates of Martial Arts Philosophy & Martial Arts Science
Awarded by University of Asian Martial Arts Study May 2008
Sensei Chris Pellitteri's North American Nunchaku Association teaches all aspects of the nunchaku (nunchucks or sometimes simply called nunchuck). hosts the North American Nunchaku Associations website and provides instruction in all aspects of the most popular of Okinawan weapons. Chris Pellitteri is the senior instructor of NANA and the AKA and is a 7th degree black belt in karate and a 6th degree black belt in nunchaku (nunchucks) and has been teaching martial arts for over 25 years.
Antonio Pontremoli
Adam Harris