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As with the NANA system, Sussex Kobudo can help to teach you the use of the weapons to gain a black belt in AKA.
The AKA currently offers a complete system in the training of several traditional staff weapons.
The AKA Bo System is a seven "kyu" (rank) system.
Jo (Short staff) – Is usually not tapered and is roughly 46" to 54" in length and round. The Jo is usually about 1" in diameter.
Bo (Also known as Rokushaku Bo – which translates roughly to "six foot staff") – For adults, the bo should measure between 5.5 feet and 6 feet in length. We prefer a bo which is tapered at each end and is a bit less than 1 inch in diameter at it's center, although any size is acceptable for training.
Tekko (Usually described as Okinawan brass knuckles) – Most of the techniques used with the tekko can be performed with a Yawara (pocket stick), chizikunbo or a kubaton. These weapons are all very similar and in some cases their descriptions are used interchangeably. Any of this type of weapon should work for the Tekko Forms.
Hanbo (Half-size staff) – Is usually not tapered and is roughly 36" long. The Hanbo is usually about 1" in diameter.
Sensei Jo
Is controlled and using head and hand protection

To gain a Black belt in AKA you are required to preform:

7 x Bo katas
6 x Jo Katas
5 x Hanbo katas
4 x Tekko katas