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Karate and Traditional Okinawan weapons Training
Improve your fitness, Self-confidence, Mental discipline, Respect for others.
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Self defence
Your session starts with gentle warm up and stretching then some basic exercises. Like Running, Sit-ups, Push-ups, etc you will work to your own pace, but we encourage you to push that extra little bit more.
After which you will learn how to do a selection off Kicks, Punch's and Knife hand striking techniques.
This are preformed on Kick bags and focus pads.
While all the time we aim to improve your fitness, your confidence and your skills by doing plenty off moving techniques.
As the self defence class runs the same time as the adult karate lesson, this give students an opportunity to practice their skills against a verity of opponents.
You will also learn different ways to defend yourself against attacks, from simple block to evasion techniques
Working with focus mitts