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Improve your fitness, Self-confidence, Mental discipline, Respect for others.
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Sussex Karate teaches a traditional karate style and helps students improve their self-confidence, physical fitness, mental discipline and respect for others while providing an opportunity to meet old friends or make new friends within the group itself.

Our Dojo's are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. As we offer family dojo's, this gives parents and children the opportunity to train together.
Sussex karate is a husband and wife run dojo. As David and Joanne have been living in Hurstpierpoint for more then 20 years,we decided to start our first school in karate do to help support our local community.
After searching a while to find an interest for ourselves, we started training together in karate in 2003.

During the years we have made new friends and improved our fitness and well being.
Sensei David
Joanne Penk
In 2011, David graded to First Dan and second Dan in 2013 and has had a keen interest in the Japanese kobudo weapons; Joanne made First Dan grade in 2012 and second Dan in 2014. Our aim is that one day we will travel to Japan and train there.
David's other passion is the out door life and as a canoe and kayak instructor he leads groups on river trips into remote areas of Scotland.